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Home Maintenance

4 Projects to Finish Before Selling

Are you ready to make the transition to a new home? Or at least take a few steps to get there? If so, you’ll need


Mardi Gras Time!

Galveston Mardi Gras would have kicked off this weekend with parades, concerts, and balls but not this year due to the pandemic. New Orleans canceled their citywide celebration

Home Decor

How Your Home’s Color Can Enhance Your Mood

Your paint choices have a significant impact on your home.  Not only can color determine your living space’s overall aesthetic, but it can also influence


MFAH’s New Kinder Building Highlights

With its geometric design and exterior covered in glass tubes that glow at night, the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is the

Home Buying

5 Ways to Build Home Equity

Equity — or the share of your property you actually own — is a benefit to any homeowner. For one, it means more profits when


Get Fit in the New Year!

Exercise always shows up as a new year’s resolution. But if Santa didn’t leave a Peloton under the tree, Houston’s parks and public spaces offer