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Don't let us remember this time as the moment we jeopardize generations of culture in exchange for a swimming pool.

This page is meant to inform and educate the community about upcoming changes to SPJST Lodge 88 in the Heights. For more information on the Lodge and how to become a member click here.


How can a pool stir up so much so much controversy? Watch below a piece of investigative journalism funded by concerned Lodge 88 members who have looked further into the current pool proposal and the harm is can cause to Lodge 88 if it were to pass.

The Hijack in the Heights

Click2Houston News Coverage

Discrimination in the Heights?

Inform yourself on the new proposed pool in the Heights and spread the word.


Read up on local news coverage, and also make sure to check out our article in the VĚSTNÍK below.


A pool at SPJST Lodge 88 would surely revive this landmark institution, but we cannot build it as an exclusive country club.

Lodge 88, Houston is bringing back the swimming pool! For nearly three decades, Lodge 88 had a pool – and many of you grew up there or raised your children there. The original Lodge 88 pool was open to all members for a usage fee, and it was instrumental in recruiting our membership base to 10,000-plus lodge members (more than double what it is today)... (Continued in the VĚSTNÍK pages 9-11)

Kathlyn Curtis, JD, LLM-Tax

Continue Reading in the VĚSTNÍK

Read the input of Tax Lawyer, SPJST Member, and Houston Mom Kathlyn Curtis on the recommended modifications to the pool proposal that will maintain the current culture and rights of future members.
Jan, 16 2019


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