Luckey Climbers in Houston

Luckey Climbers in Houston

Our family visits to the Children’s Museum of Houston always include a climbing session at the Power Play! exhibit. Jean-Luc loves the challenge of mounting the 40 foot Power Tower, where he can get a bird’s-eye view of me waving below. This playful installation, which is in the shape of a silver dollar plant, is the work of architect and artist Spencer Luckey, who has recently added two new Luckey Climber structures to the Houston area.   

Baybrook Mall revamped their kids play area and smartly added a Luckey Climber as the main attraction. Like all of Luckey’s climbing sculptures, this part-jungle gym, part-work of art appeals to kids of all ages with its whimsical, petal-shaped platforms that beg to be explored. In addition to the climbing structure, the new play plaza offers interactive musical features along with plenty of shade and seating for parents. You can find the other new Luckey Climber at the new family plaza at River Pointe Church in Richmond. 

If you are looking for a new summer outing or two before school starts, I highly recommend taking the little ones to ascend to new heights at one of Houston’s Luckey Climbers! 

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