The British are Coming: Royal Portraits at the Museum of Fine Arts

You don’t have to travel across the pond to view some of the greatest hits from the National Portrait Gallery in London. Through January 27, 2019, the Museum of Fine Arts has approximately 150 objects on display in the current exhibition, Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits from Holbein to Warhol. Many of these works of art have never been seen outside of England and include nobility like Henry VIII (and a few of his wives) to more happy unions like the newest royal power couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. There are several striking portraits of Queen Elizabeth, who recently became the longest-serving monarch in British history. Anglophiles will love the mixture of portraiture and history in this exhibit that covers the House of Tudor through the present-day Windsor. As you exit through the gift shop, you can pose with cutouts of the royal family while perusing the selection of tea sets, uniquely British fashion accessories like fascinators and gloves, and plenty of picture books. In addition, the MFA Cafe offers an afternoon tea from 2-4 pm on weekdays along with slices of cake inspired by royal wedding recipes.