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Tips and Resources for Your Garden

As temps warm up after Texas’ historical winter storm last week, our lawns and gardens are in need of some extra TLC. Despite their brown and wilting leaves, many trees and plants are likely to bounce back if you let nature take its course. Use these tips and resources to help your garden spring back. 

“Learn to like ugly,” is the advice given in this Houston Chronicle article with tips on how to assess the damage on everything from fruit trees to roses. 

The expert gardeners at Buchanan’s Native Plants have put together this handy guide on what to do after a freeze, which is available in their online education library 

Along with helpful advice from their plant professionals, Hydroshack’s selection of supplements and nutrients can assist your garden’s recovery. 

For our local farmers, this winter storm was devastating- wiping out entire crops and damaging irrigation systems. If you can, please consider supporting the farms affected by the freeze through these agricultural non-profits: Urban HarvestPlant It Forward, and Finca Tres Robles

Sending Sunny Vibes! 


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