Explore Memorial Park’s Eastern Glades

Have you seen Memorial Park’s makeover? The Clay Family Eastern Glades is the newest addition to the city’s largest greenspace. Featuring 100 acres of a restored habitat, the Glades are easily accessible from the Seymour-Lieberman Exer-Trail for a picturesque detour from your run or power walk. Boardwalks and trails provide plenty of vantage points for taking in the native flora and fauna.

Here’s what to look for on your nature trek:

  • Hines Lake for an ideal sundowner spot. 
  • The Central Lawn welcomes picnic blankets and leisurely strolls. 
  • Seating inscribed with quotes from Houston residents. 
  • A historical marker noting the location of Camp Logan, a WWI training camp. 
  • Sunflowers, irises, egrets, blue herons, and bats! 

Enjoy the scenery,